I'm still here...

I'm alive.

There, that's out of the way.

I'm sorry that I've let Lazy Lady fall by the wayside. Life has just gotten in the way. Mr. LL and I have been on-and-off sick since early November, and my day job has taken up a lot of my time.

I was promoted in November to Assistant Director in my design department at work and we lost a designer. So between my work duties and helping my Director find a new hire, and still helping to train our new designer on top of short work weeks for the holidays, it has been draining to say the least. But I'm still here and so is Lazy Lady.

To keep some sanity, I'm going to be cutting way back on my frequency in 2016. I'm also only going to have a couple of posts go up as we wrap up 2015.

I'm really trying to focus on quality and not quantity now. I think that doing a year of "seeing what sticks" and what I stick with has taught me a lot about how I want to use this blog and what kind of content I want to share with you (and the type of content you want to see!).

So I'm here, and I'm working on some fun things for 2016 on the blog. Just wanted to let you know!