Book Review: Inside Out by Anastasia Amour

Body image is something I think almost everyone, male or female, deals with at some point in their lives. Feeling like we fall short of a media propagated ideal that doesn't exist, comparing ourselves to heavily curated and edited social media images of people we may know IRL and finding faults in our bodies that can send us into depression. So, when Anastasia asked for a review of her book Inside Out, which is an exercise in releasing our negative thoughts about ourselves and our bodies and replacing them with self-love, I was more than happy to check it out. 

Each chapter is a day in the 14 day program Anastasia put together for readers to follow as they take a journey to shed the negative self-image and build positive perspective about themselves. This is the type of book I wish I had when I was younger, before I figured all of this out the hard way, through self-realization and years of personal growth.

The overall message of Anastasia's book is great and one I fully support. I do think that some of the exercises are a bit basic and have potential to be stronger, but for a younger audience, this is a good way to begin learning to love and accept themselves. 

I am happy to be able to offer my readers 15% off this book when it comes out NOVEMBER 14TH! Just use the code LAZYLADY to get the VIP deal!  If you find yourself struggling with your body image, you really need to check this book out!