We moved!



The cats are hiding. I can’t find a hairbrush. There is not a stitch of food in the house. My feet, legs, and back are all competing to see which part hurts the most. All of these things can only mean one thing: Mr. LL and I moved.

Over the past month, our lives have been turned upside-down. Mr. LL and his dad were over at our new place every night and weekend for a couple of weeks, putting in new floors and painting. After the floors were put in (and given a couple of days to settle), we started moving boxes over. Then, we got rid of our couch, computer desk, tiny chest of drawers (that I had since college), and two chairs. All we have left is our bed, TV + stand, book cases, a few dinning room chairs, and a cat tower. Oh, and a ton of boxes.

Sunday, we moved the last of our belongings and our pets to the new place. The cats immediately disappeared, Bigby took to his new yard with joy (he’s still an inside dog, but now we can let  him out to do his business and play–no more puppy pads!) and the turtle is still grumpy. Slowly, Tom and Mei-Mei have been coming around to the new digs. Tom is especially jealous that Bigby gets to go outside.

As of Tuesday night, I feel like we are finally in a place where we can focus on unpacking and getting new furniture. I had to get our water turned on Monday morning, get the internet hooked up Tuesday afternoon, Mr. LL replaced one of the window units (the one in our bedroom) and he super fortified the yard (as Bigby has been showing us the spots we missed). The water heater has a couple of issues, but his dad installed it, so we can get that figured out soon enough.

I unpacked all of the kitchen on Monday…well, most of it. We do have a couple of shelves that need to go back up on one of the walls. Once those are up, I’m going to put our bajillion kitchen gadgets up there, but they aren’t necessary for day to day. Tuesday afternoon, as I waited for the internet guy, I unpacked the bathroom and started working on our clothes. I still can’t find my hairbrush though. We need a new one anyway.

In our last place, it took us two years to hang the art collection we have. Not this time. Mr. LL is chomping at the bit to hang art. I’ve been able to talk him into waiting till our living room furniture comes in on Saturday…for now.

So, I’m back. I’m really excited to be living in a house (even if we are renting it), with a yard, with a beautiful levee behind our house (the same levee we took our wedding pictures on). It is a lot more space and I feel like Mr. LL and I have room to breath a little now…or we will be able to once we finish unpacking. ;)