Lazy Baby turns 2!

 Another year has passed and I am amazed every day by this delightful creature. She has not been a baby for some time now, but it still amazes how much she’s not a baby. She runs around, climbing everything; she’s talking more and more every day, like asking our dog “Bigby, what are you doing?”; her imagination is a thing of wonder to me, as well. The games she creates and the things she pretends are other things...I suppose it is a bit difficult to explain. She is a bright child and I love watching her light shine.

She is my chip-buddy (because she likes the salty treat as much as I do). She is my mini-me in some ways. She is a mini-Mr. LL as well. I cant wait to see what the future will be like with you in our lives. 


Lazy Baby had a great birthday. We had family over to our house. She got a lot of Moana gifts and didn’t nap all day. Thus, she fell asleep during her bath. :D

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl

I can't believe a whole year has passed since you came into our lives and changed our worlds forever. You are the brightest light in my life and strongest force in it as well. I always want you to smile and laugh and would do anything to make you feel better when you are sick or sad. I love you, my little nut. Happy first birthday, you darling girl.

Here are some pictures from her party last Saturday. 


I love you most


Happy Birthday, my wonderful husband.

You have shared the best moments of my life, and have been part of the reason they are the best. Or sometimes, the sole reason. ;) You are funny, kind, loving, generous, at-times patient, and you understand me and I understand you. Our marriage has not always been easy, but I think the rough times make us better appreciate what we have and the fact that we've worked for this life together.


I love watching you with our daughter, and it makes my heart smile to hear her laughing when she is with you. I also secretly love that she gives me all the hugs and kisses when you ask for them, lol.


I am so happy that you are in my life and I never want to live a day without you.

I love you.


Happy Birthday.