What I'm Loving // 8.26.15


  • Mr. LL bought some antique side tables for our living room awhile back. I don't really think they go with our comic book print furniture. Maybe I can talk him into building us a terrarium side table.
  • I've seen this link floating around, but just now got to reading it. If you are tardy to the party, like me, here's the link to Mindy Kaling's Guide to Killer Confidence.
  • I suffer from extremely dry skin on all my extremities, but I hate how oily most lotions feel. Therefore, I really want to give YuBe moisturizing lotion a try. It supposedly absorbs super quickly into your skin.
  • The Domestic Geek has a review of Captains Wager over on their blog. Looks like I have another game to add to the list.
  • What's this watercolor nail polish I've been hearing about? I need to investigate further!