Blogger Recognition

Erin, over at Flirty, Dirty and Oh So Nerdy, has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. A HUGE thanks to her and you should totally go check out her fun blog!

Also, this award was created by the Edge of Night. And these are the rules:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post. Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of NightThat way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing.

Lazy Lady's Origins

I started this version of Lazy Lady 6 months ago, but it really began back in 2010 with my WordPress blog of the same name. I wanted to become a more productive person, to put it simply, and I thought I'd bring everyone who wanted to join me along for the ride. At that time, I was living alone for the first time in my life, and I was turning into a human blob. I needed an outlet for my creativity and a friend to hold me accountable for my boring and disgusting way of living (or not-living, really). Lazy Lady became that outlet and the internet became that friend.

My Advice for Bloggers

There are many ways to be a blogger and many paths to take on this digital journey. If you are blogging to make a community, a connection, then be honest and truthful with your readers. If you are trying to make blogging your job, learn to focus your brilliant ideas. The best way to gain readership is to either be an expert and share your knowledge or start a new journey/adventure/life change and blog about the experience so others can learn with you.

My Nominations