Vacation Re-Cap – New Roads, Louisiana (again) + Texas!

Last Monday was Mr. LL's and I third wedding anniversary. When we got married, we just went to the court house, with a photographer, and got hitched. Our families knew, but we didn't want a big wedding. The bill would have been footed by just us and we have big families who would want to other words, we would have HAD to invite EVERY ONE. So we just decided to celebrate "us" and our love for each other, privately. Because we weren't doing it "traditionally" we didn't really have the time to take a real honeymoon. We took a mini-moon and stayed in a really nice hotel in New Orleans (courtesy of my work via a wedding gift) for a few nights instead. So I wanted us to take a real vacation AND kind of make up for our lack of honeymoon three years ago by making this a new tradition.

So we both took off work all last week. We left town Saturday morning at too-early-o'clock and drove over four hours to Vidor, TX. When we went to Kemah, TX about a year ago, we stopped at this giant flea market we saw from the interstate on our way back home. Because we hadn't really planned on going there, we didn't have the money to buy much of anything. So this time, that was all we were there to do–shop. A year ago, there was some really cool taxidermy pieces and this great semi-permanent stand that sold vintage tabletop games. We didn't find the albino deer head that we were hoping for, but we did get some great insect shadow boxes. The saddest news was that the game stand was gone. :(

We also decided that neither of us wanted anything leather, the traditional third anniversary gift; so we each took $3 (for the third anniversary) and challenged each other to get gifts with it at the flea market. I found this really cool plate that actually says "Happy Anniversary" on it almost immediately. Mr. LL thought I had gone insane because I made him stay on one side of the booth we were at and he didn't realize why, lol. By the time I was done with the flea market, we had been there for almost three hours, Mr. LL still hadn't found "the gift." I went back to the car so he could shop alone. You won't believe what he got me. It's a taser that looks like a phone. LMFAO. I still can't believe him. I laughed so hard. It slightly terrifies me though, tbh.

We came back Saturday afternoon and enjoyed our treasures. Then we spent Sunday and Monday getting the car ready to hit the road again as well as cleaning the entire house and packing. We wanted to come home to a clean house so we could still relax after our trip.

Tuesday morning I took Bigby to the vet to be boarded while we were away and then we loaded up the car and hit the road. We fished, relaxed, laughed and had a great time back in the cabin we went to last year in New Roads, LA. That place is really magically. I brought books to read, but barely touched them. Instead, Mr. LL and I just spent all of our time outside. It was great. 

Now it's time to get back to the hustle. Vacations are too short.