New Orlean's Comic Con 2016

Mr. LL and I were able to get free weekend passes through my work for this year's Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con.

It was pretty massive this year. I knew a few people who were going, but there was no "running into" people this year. They had a big space in the New Orleans Convention Center, but they didn't really utilize it well. They could have totally spaced out vendors a bit more so it wasn't so claustrophobic.

I bee-lined to the artists' alley, as I always do. I don't really care about the toys and figures and costume booths. I want to feed my art addiction. Since next week is my birthday, Mr. LL said I could get anything I wanted as a birthday gift. So I got this painting by B. K. Jenkins:

I love it. I can't wait to hang it on our walls. The artist told us that his "Lips" series was done and that the three paintings he had out were the only ones left. This piece in particular doesn't have any print copies either because it is so horizontal.

I also got two prints from Sasha Yosselani and Mr. LL got a print from Nigel Sade.

We may have a slight art collecting addiction. >.>

We didn't stay for the costume contest on Saturday night, but I took a few pics of some of the costumes that I just really liked at the Con.