What's In My Bag


I love "What's In My Bag" posts, so I decided to do one! My purse was a gift from Mr. LL, an anniversary gift, in fact. It is from Jo Totes, and I love it. It is also a camera bag!

The contents of my bag, minus the trash I cleaned out.

The contents of my bag, minus the trash I cleaned out.

  1. Battery charger for my camera.
  2. Memory card reader.
  3. Car adaptor for #1.
  4. Lens case for my camera.
  5. Hater blockers.
  6. A random watch from one of Mr. LL's Horror Blocks. I think it got put in there during the move.
  7. My favorite lotion, Hempz, in travel size.
  8. My wallet. I love wallets that can double as a clutch when I don't feel like lugging this big bag around.
  9. Mini composition notebooks. I have a ton of little notebooks I keep around at all times.
  10. Bigby's rabies tag. I need to get him a lease!
  11. Flash drive.
  12. Extra memory card for my camera.
  13. Pencils.
  14. Lens/screen wipe.
  15. Cute little pouch I got when I was subscribed to ipsy.
  16. My BFF Annie gave all the ladies in our group these bags one year for X-Mas. It was meant to hold our D&D stuff, I believe, but it holds my meds and lady products.
  17. (NOT PICTURED) My camera! I lives in this bag now.
My little bag of goodies.

My little bag of goodies.

In the ipsy bag, I keep some goodies. (From left to right) Roller ball vanilla perfume, NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Struddle, Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in Socialite, Revelon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive, Poo-Pourri (cannot live with this!), and a pair of earrings.

What's in your bag?

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