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I think most people who are use social media these days have a love hate relationship with Tumblr. We love the constant flow of content, but if you are like me, you can find yourself sucked down a wormhole–losing all sense of time and reality while constantly scrolling through the depths of your Tumblr feed. Today, I thought I'd share some of the Tumblrs I follow that are largely responsible for keeping me lost in the internet for hours.

What I Wore was the first fashion blog I had ever seen. I still follow Jessica to this day. Her style if very timeless, yet also quirky. To me, this is the OP of fashion blogs.

No matter what kind of work you do, if you have to deal with clients, you can relate and get a chuckle from Clients From Hell. These stories will make you laugh, shake your head, go wide eyed and perhaps bang your head on a desk because you've been there (or are praying that the client in this story never contacts you!).

Did you know is my obsession. For as long as I can remember, I've had the uncanny ability to remember the most random tid-bits of knowledge, and I love to regurgitate them back out to my family and friends. Once I discovered this Tumblr, all bets were off. Now I have a steady stream of factoids to share! Muahahahahaha.

George & Brad Takei's Tumblr is just a fun journey through the fun and funny. They have curated a feed filled with links to other sites that lead you down wormholes of meme after meme.

Bonnie Burton is my fave on Vaginal Fantasy, but she is a powerhouse with a lot of work under her belt. Her Tumblr is always filled with interesting things that my little nerd heart loves.  

And you can check out my Tumblr if you like! Lyn the Lazy!

Webcomics for everyone

Webcomics Lazy Lady

I love webcomics. I read a lot of them and I wanted to do a special #FollowFriday to share with you some of my favorites.

Questionable Content, by Jeph Jacques, was the first webcomic I started to really follow. It is definitely in my top five, if I actually had such a list. It is about the lives of Marten, Faye and all their friends in an ever growing cast of characters (that includes a very rude robot). It's funny and sometimes very "real". 

Scary Go Round was actually once a webcomic called Bad Machinery, but the cast grew up and now we are on to a new group of youngsters (who are in the same world as Bad Machinery). There are mysteries to be solved, adventures to be had, and growing up happening all around in this webcomic by John Allison.

Hark! A Vagrant, by Kate Beaton is a must read. I've done a post about her on the old Lazy Lady. Her humor is on point and her comics are both smart and ridiculous. I love this webcomic and always find myself wanting more every time there is a new post.

Camp Weedonwantcha, by Katie Rice, is the winning webcomic from Penny Arcade's Strip Search. Mr. LL and loved watching those episodes (and wish they'd do a season 2!). We were rooting for Katie to win and her webcomic is fun and beautiful. Be on the look out for hidden cats in the strips!

Johnny Wander is by the power due, Ananth and Yuko. Sometimes it is journal comics and other times it is a story line from different works they are producing. I really like Yuko's art style. The stories they produce are very nerd/alternative based in their themes and right up my alley.

I have so many more webcomics to share! If you are interested in more recommendations, let me know in the comments!

#FF: Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog

This weeks Follow Friday, I present you with Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog. I love following the blogs of illustrators, especially children's book illustrators. I like to see how their work progress, and to just get a dose of illustration inspiration in my reader feed when they post.

From the his blog, here's what Jamie writes about himself:

I am a London based illustrator, and really like to draw. Which is pretty lucky, i guess, considering my occupation. I won a High Commendation in the Macmillan Children's Book Prize in 2008, and am currently delving into the fantastic world of children's books. If you like my work and are maybe interested to see more, please check out my site! I also like mornings (weird), coffee, all types of animal and coffee. Oh, and coffee. All my children's book illustration is represented by Jodie Hodges at United Agents.

However, while I love his work, he hasn't posted on the blog for a very long time. I don't know when he will be posting again, but it's worth checking out anyway, in my opinion. Also, here is a link to his portfolio website.

// UPDATE //
This blog is officially over. Jamie posted his farewell to it today (Wednesday, March 11, 2015). However, he as moved over to Tumblr! You can check him out here: Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog on Tumblr.