#FF: Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog

This weeks Follow Friday, I present you with Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog. I love following the blogs of illustrators, especially children's book illustrators. I like to see how their work progress, and to just get a dose of illustration inspiration in my reader feed when they post.

From the his blog, here's what Jamie writes about himself:

I am a London based illustrator, and really like to draw. Which is pretty lucky, i guess, considering my occupation. I won a High Commendation in the Macmillan Children's Book Prize in 2008, and am currently delving into the fantastic world of children's books. If you like my work and are maybe interested to see more, please check out my site! I also like mornings (weird), coffee, all types of animal and coffee. Oh, and coffee. All my children's book illustration is represented by Jodie Hodges at United Agents.

However, while I love his work, he hasn't posted on the blog for a very long time. I don't know when he will be posting again, but it's worth checking out anyway, in my opinion. Also, here is a link to his portfolio website.

// UPDATE //
This blog is officially over. Jamie posted his farewell to it today (Wednesday, March 11, 2015). However, he as moved over to Tumblr! You can check him out here: Jamie Littler's Illustration Blog on Tumblr.