Instagram in May!

Last month's challenge was really hard for me on week two. I discovered I don't have a lot of purple (my fave color) in my life! I also came to the conclusion that while I love the look of curated accounts, they aren't for me.

With that said, for May I'm not going to host another Instagram challenge, but instead take part in the #TheGramGang May challenge, hosted by Stephanie Gilbert, of Small Talk Social. I'm on her newsletter and got the invite to join the challenge in the middle of April. I was already doing my own thing, so I didn't do the prompts for the rest of April. However, as I was trying to come up with my own prompts for May – and having a difficult time completing that task (I was asking Mr. LL, who doesn't use ANY social media, for ideas!) – I decided to give the #TheGramGang challenge a try in May.

I'll probably come up with new challenges for later months, but let's see how this goes. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how it goes!