If we were having coffee, I'd share that I'm really excited for the post (possibly posts?) I'll be doing over at Part Time Monster next month. I can't talk about it just yet, big reveal coming soon, but I'm really looking forward to it.

I've been binging on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It's such a funny show. Seriously, if you haven't checked it out, and you like to laugh, you should watch it. You can finish reading this later. Go watch a couple of episodes. I'll wait.

Welcome back! I cleaned off my desk yesterday, it really needed it, and it feels so nice to be able work at it without feeling crammed because of all the junk that's been piling up on it. Sketchbooks, paints, things to shred, things to file, random tools (thanks Mr. LL) and my slight addiction to notepads/notebooks had really made it hard to function. It's very refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, Bigby has begun to go for walks! He doesn't want to go potty on these walks, so we still have to use the puppy pads (which sometimes, I wonder why we bother, if you know what I mean); but I'm just happy to be able to give him a release of all that puppy energy in a less-destructive manner (goodbye, my nude pumps). It's been nice to watch spring blossom and nice to spend some time outside.

But it hasn't all been sunshine and spring. This past week, I've been dealing with self-doubt and Bigby being a little monster. Those things are not related, but they have combined to put me in a crappy mood a few days this week. I really want to have this blog blossom, and maybe this isn't something I should share with my readers, but I honestly try to put myself, the real me, into all that I publish here. Self-doubt and wondering if what I'm trying to create, what I'm working so hard on, putting all my free time into is worth the struggle is part of the package. But I believe in Lazy Lady, and the things I share with you all, so I know in my heart it's worth it. Every comment I read makes me happy. So thank you, for reading. As for Bigby, well, that's another story.



If we were having coffee, I'd first apologize that this is it day late. It was a crazy weekend, and not in like a party montage kind away. Just a lot of catching up on sleep, much-needed sleep, and household chore type things, but we also had some fun with friends. 

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that I am still so tired. I feel like I'm hung over but it's just because I'm so tired right now. 

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that I so desperately need a vacation. I really need like an extended weekend to just unwind and so I can recharge my batteries. There's a couple problems: 1.  there is no way I can take off at my day job for at least another month and even then I'm not sure if I'll get time off; 2. Mr. LL has confessed to me that he loves the idea of a vacation but he hates being in hotel rooms or staying for an extended time in a place that is not our apartment/home because he just feels weird, I guess kind of homesick about it; 3. we are trying so hard to save money so we can one day by our own home, so it gets really hard to justify spending large chunks of money on a vacation, however I really just don't feel like staying home will recharge anything. We will just find things we need to do around the house, cleaning or organizing or other stuff like that; nothing new, nothing inspiring, nothing relaxing. I really just need to get away for a while.

Also, if we were having coffee right now, I would be so excited. We are out of sugar and sweetener at home, so I have no coffee this morning. So tired. 


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If we were having coffee I'd share, first and foremost, that the first Blogger Brunch get-together was amazing. I felt like I was at a mini blogger conference! I loved getting to meet new people who get what I'm talking about when it comes to my passion, this blog. I'm not going to talk about it here though, because tomorrow I'm going to be posting a recap of the event. It was so much fun!

If we were having coffee, I'd share that I'm still making tweeks and fixes to Lazy Lady, but I'm feeling really confident with the direction I'm taking it. I'm not going to be changing up the content, for awhile anyway, but I am going to be making some adjustments to regular series as the need arises. The changes I've been making are more about my switch to being a for profit blog and how I want to go about that process. Some things about this transition haven't been working for me, so I'm definitely reevaluating the sources I'm using. All behind the current stuff, but it's been a big part of my blog work for the past week. One of the changes is that I've joined the PassionFruit network and I am really excited to see how well that works out.

If we were having coffee, I'd share that Mr. LL and I are sooo over our current living situation. Last week, I wrote about how I wanted to do a purge, and I did. I got our bedroom and its closet cleared out of things that neither of us use/need/will miss. A lot went to Goodwill and a fair amount into the garbage. Who saves trash? This lady, apparently. Still, we are just too on top of each other in this tiny apartment. When we need our space, there really isn't anywhere to go to get it. We've been in this place for about 3 years now and our lease is up again in May. We are really trying to move then, hopefully somewhere just a bit bigger and not too much more in rent. We do want to buy a home one day, but we are still building our savings and paying down our debts.

I'm not entirely sure what else to talk about, so I guess that means we are out of coffee. Till next time, I hope you have a great week!