Culture Creature: Gudetama, Ali Wong, West World and more


Here's some things I've been obsessing over/enjoying lately:

  • Have you seen this Gudetama game?! I'm obsessed with it and shake my head at how much time I waste tapping an illustrated egg on my phone screen. You should play it! Leave your ID number in the comments and I'll friend you!
  • I started listening to The Daily Zeitgeist upon a recommendation from a friend. It's a thoughtful and entertaining way to stay up to date on the news.
  • Stilling trying to catch up on West World and avoiding any spoilers!
  • I finished Terah Edun's Blades of Magic and I am already starting the next one in the series. I recommend it if you like strong female protagonists, magic and action.
  • I loled so hard at Ali Wong's latest stand-up special on Netflix, Baby CobraAll you mom's out there will love it, too.
  • And finally, I'm obsessed with this painting (to the left), "Mother and Child" by Xi Pan and wish I could find a way to buy a print from the artist.