Goals – Keeping at it (Health & Fitness)


We started strong last week. Monday and Tuesday mornings, we got up early, got Bigby strapped in his harness and went up on the levee behind our house and walked for 30 minutes. It's not much, but that's all I can do at this point in my pregnancy. Then Wednesday came a cold front with rain, so we decided to have a rest day. We still got up early and enjoyed an un-rushed morning together. Then we never really got back on track.

I'm determined to go an entire week of walking in the morning, with a rest day of course, before I move off of this goal.

My daily tasks are:

  • Make the bed EVERY DAY. 
  • Put away the clean dishes in the morning.
  • Spend 10 minutes a day on dishes.
  • Do something laundry related every day.
  • 10 minute pick up before bed.
  • Journal
  • Meditate

For my weekly task:

  • Clean the bathroom (which consists of: putting away products, wiping down surfaces, checking shower for empty bottles–Mr. LL is notorious for doing leaving empty bottles in the shower)
  • Dust (the first time I do this it's going to be a pretty big undertaking, but hopefully we can transition to maintenace mode after that)