Goal Getter – Health


I did pretty alright getting back on track with my cleaning tasks last week. I feel like I'm "back" in the groove with those. However, I did decide to define my weekly task a bit more. My brain kept thinking of it as a deep clean and putting it off, but really my initial intention was just maintenance. I'll do a deep clean here and there, but every week I just need to keep it in check.

So this week, while I'll be keeping up with the daily and weekly cleaning, I'm going to be focusing a bit on something non-cleaning this week. I've been having some health issues as Lazy Baby's development hits high gear. I've been suffering from acid and bile reflux for years now, but being pregnant has caused these two things to go into hyper drive. I need to call my doctors and get refills on my medicines for both. Also, Mr. LL and I need to get more physical. I need to be walking and doing yoga to help me later down the line with this pregnancy and Mr. LL has been a huge grump since he's also been putting on some baby weight. I need to try to figure out how to work some physical activity into what feels like an already packed day and encourage Mr. LL to join me.

Oh, and I have my glucose test this week. I'm not looking forward to it and I'm very anxious about it. I'll be relieved when it is over and I am hoping that I do not have gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed.

My daily tasks are:

  • Make the bed EVERY DAY. 
  • Put away the clean dishes in the morning.
  • Spend 10 minutes a day on dishes.
  • Do something laundry related every day.
  • 10 minute pick up before bed OR Getting Ready for Baby.

For my weekly task:

  • Clean the bathroom (which consists of: putting away products, wiping down surfaces, checking shower for empty bottles–Mr. LL is notorious for doing leaving empty bottles in the shower)