FoodTube: YouTube Channels for Foodies


We don't have cable or satellite TV in our household, and in talking with my friends and co-workers (at least the ones in my age range), this is very much the trend. Instead, we use the internet to watch our entertainment. Via the XBox in the living room or the Roku in the bedroom, we watch Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. YouTube has changed a lot from the days of its inception and I've been finding that it has been able to fill a void that not having cable has left in my media consumption: cooking shows. So, if you are like me and don't watch cable but love cooking shows, here are some YouTube channels you should be watching.

Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino is the Queen of YouTube food shows, in my opinion. Her show is mostly baking creations, and they are all nerd themed. 
She has a great personality and is always happy and bubbly. She posts her baking videos once a week (on Tuesdays, I believe). On the weekend, she posts challenges, updates videos, and DIY quick videos.


This BuzzFeed side channel (though they don't advertise that fact) has become a quick favorite. Their fast, recipe building videos are amazing and the recipes are in the descriptions of the videos. I just wish they'd lose the "Oh, yes!" gimmick at the end of their vids.

Everyday Food

This is part of Martha Stewart's empire and its quick informative videos are a great online cooking show fix. 

My Drunk Kitchen (now MyHarto)

Hannah Hart's MDK is OG food programming on YouTube. While you may not be able to follow a recipe as she tipsily makes her way through the videos, but you will definitely find entertainment and good advice as you watch each week.


This VICE network channel focuses on eating rather than teaching you how to cook for most of their content. They have series that they run, much like a TV station would. My favorites are Action Bronson's "Fuck That's Delicious", which follows the rapper and his friends around as they try food at the places they go on tour; and "Keep It Canada With Matty Matheson" which has this chef going around Canada and trying out different foods. Matty will also do cooking videos on the channel.

Simon and Martina (Eat Your Sushi)

Ok, this would be more like a travel show than a cooking show, but Simon and Martina have a segment called "Food Adventure Program For Awesome People" (or FAP FAP, tee hee) in which they show us delicious goodies from Korea and now Japan.

Originally they were "Eat Your Kimichi" as they shared their lives in South Korea (having moved there from Canada and lived there for over 7 years). They moved to Japan at the beginning of this year, hence the name change.

These are just a sample of what is available on YouTube. I know there are vegetarian/vegan food channels, other baking channels, and even some channels that are based on TV shows.

There are also a good range of drinks/cocktail channels, but that's a list for another post. :)