Goal Getter /// May 2016

So, I didn't do a Goal Getter last week because I was already in vacation mode. Mr. LL and I had driven to Texas and back the day before and were getting ready to go on a trip on Tuesday, so I just didn't do it. 

MAY 2016


  • Spend time with Mr. LL's Family (0%)
  • Spend time with my family (0%)



  • Book club (0%)
  • D&D with friends (0%)
  • Try to hang out with local friends (0%)

NOTES: We had a great time celebrating our anniversary. We eloped when we got married, and didn't really go on a true honeymoon. So we decided to take our annual trips on our anniversary to make up the difference.

HEALTH (33%)

  • Meal plan every week (50%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (50%)
  • Try to work out at least once this month (0%)

NOTES: We've had it easy so far with the meal planning. The week before the vacation, we decided to not buy a lot of groceries that might potentially go bad while we were out of town if we didn't eat them all – so we ate cereal for dinner. :) Then there really isn't a point to meal planning on vacation, is there? So I gave myself a by-week.


  • Pay off at least one credit card (0%)
  • Figure out quarterly taxes (0%)

NOTES: Ugh, back to reality.


  • Keep going with the "chores" (50%)
  • Either get back into the Kondo method or tryout feng-shui (0%)

NOTES: We've got the chores back on the calendar. Plus, before we left to go on vacation we cleaned the entire house so we could just come back and relax.


  • Get posts ready for the month (45%)
  • Write at least one post for LV Book Design (100%)
  • Work on more planner printables (0%)
  • Work on new designs for shop in June (0%)
  • Finish From Side Hustle To Success course (50%)
  • Freelance work for client #1 (100%)
  • Freelance work for client #2 (75%)

NOTES: I added my freelance work back in.