April Instagram Challenge!

Last month, I created the March Instagram challenge with the mind set of trying to get better at posting regularly on Instagram. I enjoyed the challenge so much I thought I'd do one for April, too! The challenge starts next week!



Instead of a daily challenge, I thought I'd do something a bit different this month. Last month was all about posting with regularity. This month, I want to curate my Instagram feed a bit more. So each week has a different color theme and there are only three must have images each week. However, if you do post more during that week, I encourage you to strongly keep within the color theme for that week. I also have a BONUS photo option, because I love a good typographic Instagram pic. I thought about having it be a quote, but sometimes you just have something you want to say. Also, thought about calling it "Words of Wisdom" but really, I want to see positivity flow on my stream, so I decided "Words of Happy" instead!


WEEK ONE: Black and white – get to know your inner photographer by focusing on black and white posts. Trying to decide what will read in monochrome is an important skill to possess, and so is knowing how to edit the contrast of your photos.

WEEK TWO: Your favorite color – try to have the overall composition read as whatever your favorite color is, that way your posts will read as curated collection.

WEEK THREE: White – you may be asking "how is this different from week one?" Well, think of it as combining what you've learned from weeks one and two combined. These are black and white photos, but rather photos that focus on white as being the prominent color (or lack of color) in the images just like week two with your favorite color.

WEEK FOUR: Gold (or yellow) – you made it to the last week, so you get a gold star! Or rather a week of gold Instagram pics. Now, not all of us are surrounded by gold, so I gave us all an "out" by saying yellow is acceptable. Use your imagination and figure out how to make this theme work for you in the photos you take.


WORK LIKE A BOSS: Show off what you've been working on, create a still life on your desk of what you work with, do an OOTD post with what you are wearing to work, or anything else you can come up with that is related to "working."

PLAY HARD: Life shouldn't always be about work! Show the world your playful side by sharing your fun, but curate the photos to go with your theme!

TREAT YO SELF: We can't be on 24/7, and sometimes we need a reminder to just relax. So treat yo self to a good book, a delicious treat, or a night of Netflix (and chill) and show proof so that way you actually take the time to relax. But keep it PG.

BONUS PIC - WORDS OF HAPPY: Share a quote that makes you happy or inspires you. Tell everyone else to treat themselves. Wish someone a happy birthday. Use your words and make something beautiful.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Instagram accounts that inspired me to create this challenge: