Quarterly Report

It's almost a quarter of the way into 2016. Sheesh. Well, I figured I'd do a "quarterly report" on my 2016 Goals, to assess how I'm doing and what I still need to get done!


2016 Goals

  1. Get my first LV Book Design Client — I'm still new to this entrepreneurship gig. I haven't quite mastered the means of marketing my services to the right people yet. However, I've varied my offerings and I've tinkered with my prices and I think I'm at a good place. Plus, I got my first client this past month!

  2. See my mom get married — Check this one off the list! (here's a few pics from the wedding)

  3. Go to Colorado/Take a "real" vacation — I'm changing this one. I think Colorado is just too far out of our budget. But we are taking a vacation, just have to figure out where.

  4. Become a Budget Boss — I have faith that I will accomplish this in 2016.

  5. Live a healthier lifestyle — We're trying.

  6. Try out turquoise hair — Not yet.

  7. Get a grill — This one is really for Mr. LL 😉

  8. Save for Xmas all year long — See #4

  9. Create more personal art — I've been concentrating on commercial art. I forgot about this one. I need to work on that!

  10. Try Whole 30 — Not yet. 

  11. Use Instagram at least once a week — I made up for lost time this past month!

  12. Try to do Project 365 again — Ugh. Nope. I've abandoned it again. I just don't think it is for me.