Weekly Goals + Tardy Check-In

I forgot to post a mid-week check in last week. I even thought about it, but wasn't at my computer anytime I remembered that I needed to write one. By the time I would get back to my computer, I had other "more important" things to get done.

I can proudly say that every morning there were dishes in the draining rack, I put them away. However, this did not encourage me to do the dishes any more than usual. I guess that wasn't contributing as much to the problem as I thought it was. It did, however, make the kitchen not look so out of control.

I also kept up with making the bed...as I was writing that I remembered that I hadn't made it this morning. So I got up and went and made the bed. But yeah, still holding strong to this task.

So, what should I add to my growing list of daily tasks? I feel like it needs to be dishes related, since putting the clean dishes away didn't help as much as I had hoped it would with the overall issue. I know that, realistically, I cannot promise a set time of day for me to dedicate to dishes. Some mornings I'm running late, some evenings are busier than others. I think I need to go at this new task two-fold first realizing that evenings are a time when I'm dead for the most part after work so if I can, I need to give up some morning time to this task. The other part is keeping it a non-intimidating time frame. 

This week's daily tasks are:

  • Make the bed every day

  • Put away clean dishes every morning

  • Spend 10 minutes every day on doing the dishes