Food Waste Friday

I'm bringing back something I did on the old WordPress version of this blog, Food Waste Fridays. Every Friday I'm going to share with you the foods that I found in my fridge or pantry that have gone bad and I've had to throw away. It's really a double hit because this is not only once-good food that is being wasted but money as well.

Here's what I tossed out:

  • Rotten romain lettuce
  • Not spoiled but doesn't taste good and will end up going bad leftover chicken and potatoes
  • Below that, doesn't smell but is multiple weeks old pot roast and potatoes.
  • Also, not bad but no one wants to eat it leftover meat sauce

I know there are things in my pantry and in my freezer that need to be tossed, but I didn't get around to doing that this week.

I feel bad for throwing out food that is still good but Mr. LL and I were just honest with ourselves and admitted that we weren't going to finish these leftovers in a timely fashion. The chicken + potatoes were a failed food experiment of mine and the meat sauce was left over because we ran out of noodles. Hopefully this won't happen again.