The Ultimate Geek Challenge from The Nifty Nerd

I saw The Nifty Nerd's challenge and knew I had to do it. Not only did I have to sit down and answer these questions, I wanted to share the challenge with you!

My Answers:

  1. Hufflepuff, all the way!
  2. 221B Baker Street, please
  3. That's a crit! (D20)
  4. This one was a tough one for me, actually; but I have to go with the Winchester's Impala. I mean, Mr. LL and I are huge Supernatural fans, and are always on the hunt for the '67 Impala IRL.
  5. Hunter. As usual.
  6. Ugh, another tough one. I'm torn between the XBox and the Computer, but if I'm honest with myself the true answer is the PC.
  7. Amity. Totally.
  8. I think I have to go with Marvin.
  9. GLaDOS. 😠
  10. Forgotten Realms, baby!

What are your answers? Leave them in the comments! Or, if you want, do this on your blog and leave a link below!