What's going on with Lazy Lady

An old Project 365 photo.

An old Project 365 photo.

I had a comic book post scheduled for today, but I didn't feel inspired to write it. So, I thought I'd just do a stream of conscious blog post about things I've been thinking about for Lazy Lady. I hope you will indulge me.

First, you may have noticed a lack of Project 365 posts here lately. That's because I am abandoning the project. I started out loving it and challenging myself, and then I grew to resent the fact that I "had" to do it. Then, I realized I don't have to do anything I don't want to; it's my blog and I make the rules. I don't want Lazy Lady to feel like a chore. I know it will, at times, feel that way. The whole point of this blog is to make myself not be so lazy, after all; but, if I find a series or aspect of the blog to bring me no joy, then I'm going to cut it.


Speaking of the reason for Lazy Lady, I've been thinking I need to get back to my roots. If you are a reader from my original WordPress blog, you might remember that it was more about the push to be productive. I really like the blog's series and posts these days, but I've been wondering if I should find a middle ground between the old and the new. Or maybe I need to rethink the "lazy" of blog? I'm not sure. As I've been planning out August's posts, I'm trying to work in more of the old school Lazy Lady into it. I feel like I need more focus for the blog.

Finally, I've been actually giving some thought as to what I want from this side project of mine. I'd love to make this blog my source of income, but it is not near that point yet. I'm not sure it will ever be. Heck, I'd love for it to just cover it's own costs (hosting fees, advertising on other blogs, boardgames, etc.). When I started the reboot, I made it a "for profit" blog, which means that I sell ad space on my blog and I joined affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are when you put links into your blog and if someone clicks on that link and then purchases something from that site, I get a (very tiny) commission. So far, in the 6 months since the relaunch, I've "made" less than $5 with affiliate links. I say "made" because you have to reach a base amount to even see that money in your pocket, and I haven't. I pride myself on never promoting businesses or products that I don't use myself or would buy myself. I've had affiliate offers from businesses that I would never use, so I turn them down. I really don't know how other bloggers make money, but I know it can be done. Maybe my content just isn't the right kind to use this kind of system.


These are things I'm constantly thinking about in the back of my head. However, money stuff aside, I still love reading comments from all of you. I love responding to them and checking out your blogs, if you share them. I love watching my readership grow and grow, which it does, ever month. That's what keeps me going. I may not be able to blog full time (a girl can dream, though), but just knowing that you are out there, reading this, and coming back for my posts, is enough for me.