New Orleans Blogger Brunch, round two!

Saturday was the second Blogger Brunch get together (you can read about the first here).

This time, Megan hosted our group and we had a couple of new faces this time around. Megan was an amazing host, with waffle and omelets stations set up for us. Once everyone made their food of choice, the champagne and conversations started flowing. It felt like everyone is working on new projects! 

Two of the new people at the brunch were just getting started in blogging, so they were very interested in asking about how to get started and for any tips the rest of us may have. This lead us down a road of WordPress vs. Squarespace debate, lol. It felt like the overall concensus was pro-Squarespace (heck yeah).

As the brunch went on, some people had to leave early to go to other projects or work. The rest of us sat around and had the idea of evolving these brunches into mini-seminars in which we could teach each other things that we are experts on. Such as design, SEO, social media, etc. We are a pretty diverse group of bloggers, so we all have something to contribute. I think this will be an amazing step forward with this group.

Everyone still seems to be really into this group and the connections made through it. I hope it keeps going strong in the future!

In attendance we had: