Goal Getter // July 2015

JULY 2015


  • Notes: 


  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • Record blog expenses/incomes for the month of June (100%)
  • Make a budget (100%)

Notes: At least I didn't have to dip into savings this month.

HEALTH: 47.5%

  • Eat out only 3 times a week MAX (95%)
  • Work out 3 times a week (0%)

Notes: We had a little slip up, but we've been doing pretty good about making our own meals.

HOME:  80%

  • Get a laminate floor cleaning kit (100%)
  • Super-clean the floors (60%)

Notes: So, the floors are better, but until we find a way to keep Bigby out of the litter boxes, they are never going to be as clean as I dream them to be.

BLOG: 68%

  • Work on blog posts for July (62.5%)
    For Lazy Lady (100%)
    For Part Time Monster (25%)
  • Work on August planning (100%)
    Lazy Lady (100%)
    Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Teach myself about podcasting (10%)
  • Finish the 30 Day SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers & Badass Creatives by Miss Malaprop (100%)

Notes: I dropped the ball on PTM this month. Ugh.