Goal Getter /// June 2015


CAREER: 47% Complete

  • Finish ONE character design for comic (50%)
  • Mail out books (0%)
  • Freelance Graphic Design gig (100%)
  • Work on finding more freelance work (37.5%)
    Update Portfolio (25%)
    Update Cover Letter/Resume (if needed) (50%)

Notes: I've found some gigs that I might could do via the internet. I just need to put the right pieces in my portfolio and contact the jobs.


  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • Record blog expenses/incomes for the month of May (100%)
  • Pay off one of my credit cards (0%)
  • Try to hustle some side income (25%)

Notes: I've been working on a budget, too. But I'm not going to add that to this month's goals. 

 HEALTH: 20%

  • Start the Whole 30 diet (40%)
  • Walk Bigby on the levee at least ONCE a week (0%)

Notes: Life. What can I say? I'll be happy if I can get that dog out at least once a week, now. We are prepping our kitchen to start the Whole30 though

HOME:  21.25%

  • UNPACK!! (70%)
  • Get some home things: (15%)
    Laminate Floor cleaning kit
    Bathroom/Toiletries: Hairbrush (done); Shower caddy; Toothbrush holder
    Rugs (we got one, now we just need one or two more)
    Night stand
  • Build a computer desk (0%)
  • Building a dining room table + bench (0%)

Notes: I don't think we are going to have our hand built furniture this month. I'll give it another week, but I might take those down and move them to another month.

BLOG: 66%

  • Work on blog posts for June (31%)
    For Lazy Lady (40%)
    For Part Time Monster (25%)
  • Photo day (100%)
  • Work on July planning (100%)
    Lazy Lady (100%)
    Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Teach myself about podcasting (0%)
  • Get a new headset (100%)

Notes: I'm glad the blog is one part of my life where I seem to be keeping on task.