If we were having coffee… #weekendcoffeeshare


#weekendcoffeeshare is a weekly link up, hosted by Part Time Monster.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that Mr. LL and I are laying low this Mardi Gras season. We are both home-bodies and don't feel like dealing with the crowds, parking and figuring out where to catch the parades. My brother used to live right off the Uptown parade route but has sinced move, so I don't know where to go anymore. We have a friend who lives further Uptown, right in the thick of the parade routes, but that area is riddled with ladders and stands, so we wouldn't even be able to see anything. Plus, Mr. LL has been working nights and weekends.

I also would share that Mr. LL and I had a nice, quiet Valentines together. He gave me a new board game, and I can't wait to play it. He had to work the first half of yesterday, then we just hung out and got some take-out. There may have been some napping.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you Bigby has been sick all morning. Poor guy threw up a couple of times and has been sleeping it off. He seems better now, but he's still not running around like his usual crazy self. 

These days my to-do list is just growing longer and longer. It seems like once I check one thing off, I am adding two more things to do. Most of it is blog related, but there is a healthy dose of things to do around the apartment and with the family. Not to mention that I have a looming illustration deadline but I can't work on it at home. Really it is a matter of principle that I can't work on it at home, because it is for my day job, and I won't get paid for working on it during the time I am off. My "free" time is too valuable to me to work for free.

Well, I need to work on my grocery list and meal planning for the week. I also need to set up our budget/cash envelopes for the week too. I hope you have a productive week.