If we were having coffee...



I'd let you know that I'm excited for the new things going on with my blog. I love the community posts (like this one) that I get to share with link-ups on some of my favorite blogs! This is just one of a few new posts on the revamped Lazy Lady.

I'd have to tell you that I'm also nervous about the new-ness of the blog. I hope that I didn't mess up coding and page creation and that it all runs smoothly now that is launched.

I'd share that I'm starting this new year with high hopes. High hopes for my art, my career, my blog, my relationships and for myself. I hope that Allen the Alligator Counts Through New Orleans does well and gets picked up by local book stores. I hope that this new site will really bring up my blogging game. I hope that I am able to strengthen my marriage and help it flourish. I hope that I can spend more time with my friends this year. I hope that I will finally set aside some time for myself. To destress from the world and get back in touch with my own hopes and dreams.

I'd tell you that Mr. LL and I had a great Friday night going out to eat and buying boardgames. I got four new games! They will surely make an appearance over at Part Time Monster in coming months! Also, on Saturday, we went to visit some friends and two of their dogs got together and made two adorable puppies. So, happy birthday to me, I got a new puppy! His name is Bigby. :) Sunday, I had brunch with my family at The Velvet Cactus and it was delicious. I had a pretty great 30th birthday (even if it wasn't a Logan's Run themed party, lol).