2016 Goals - Review

I haven't really been checking in with my goal list for the year, so I thought I'd wrap up 2016 by looking back at it and seeing how I did.

2016 Goals

  1. Get my first LV Book Design Client — I got my first client and then some! And almost all of my clients returned for more work from me!

  2. See my mom get married — Check this one off the list! (here's a few pics from the wedding)

  3. Go to Colorado/Take a "real" vacation — We ended up just going to our favorite cabin in New Roads, LA. However, we had an amazing time and we got to stay longer.

  4. Become a Budget Boss — Not so much. But with baby on the way, I'll be buckling down on this one in 2017.

  5. Live a healthier lifestyle — Getting pregnant made this one happen, lol.

  6. Try out turquoise hair — Still on my to-do.

  7. Get a grill — Sadly, this still hasn't happened.

  8. Save for Xmas all year long — We actually just ended up having extra income come in for Xmas, but we really need to make saving for it a practice.

  9. Create more personal art — I did more freelance illustration work this year, which I love doing but I still never worked on personal visual art. I did start writing, however. So, that counts, right?

  10. Try Whole 30 — Nope and probably won't anytime soon.

  11. Use Instagram at least once a week — I need to start doing the challenges again. I had fun doing them and it helped me get better at Instagram.

  12. Try to do Project 365 again — FAIL.

Holiday Gift Guide: Quirky Gift Ideas

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Ok, I know I said Last Week's was my favorite, but I love everything this week too! Especially the framed Bill Murray art print.

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Happy Weekend

This is from the time I helped out my brother on a short film he did  Baby Head Jones .

This is from the time I helped out my brother on a short film he did Baby Head Jones.

Here are some happy links to get your weekend started: