So, what is that like your girlfriend now?

Saturday, Mr. LL and I took Bigby to play D&D with us. It was also part mini-baby shower for our friend Andrew. Speaking of, Andrew's character in the game was up against us, having been mesmorized by a big ol' Aboleth. Fun times had by all!


Sorry this is going up a day late!

Lonely Lady

Sorry for how late this post is going up. Also, it's not my "best" work. I was working on another journal comic for today, but it is very personal and the events surrounding it aren't fully resolved just yet. So, I went with something more light-hearted, but still 100% true. :)


Lazy Comics

When I was trying to decide what posts from the old blog would make their way onto the new blog, I looked at the most popular posts I had. while short-lived, my run of journal comics really were very popular. So I figured as part of my project 365 challenge, I would reinstate journal comics onto the blog. I know most project 365 challenges are for photography, But I'm approaching it in terms of doing something creative every day of the year. So I can work on journal comics as part of my project 365.

So, without further ado, here is my first journal comic of 2015.