Goals – Health & Fitness


Last week, I really tried to take better care of myself; and while – for the most part – I didn't push myself, my mental health still deteriorated all week long. A lot of it is hormonal which is bringing back my chronic depression that I haven't experienced since I was in my early twenties. Still, I need to get my head right if I want to get anything else accomplished.

Mr.LL's been feeling it, too. Not to mention we are both suffering from some body issues right now, with me looking/feeling like a beached whale and him gaining sympathy weight–none of this is helping with our mental health.

So this week, I'm making it my goal to get BOTH of us out of the house and doing something physical for at least thirty minutes, every day. I know that in the past, just going outside for a walk as really helped clear my headspace, so here's hoping that will work for us this week.

My daily tasks are:

  • Make the bed EVERY DAY. 
  • Put away the clean dishes in the morning.
  • Spend 10 minutes a day on dishes.
  • Do something laundry related every day.
  • 10 minute pick up before bed.
  • Journal
  • Meditate

For my weekly task:

  • Clean the bathroom (which consists of: putting away products, wiping down surfaces, checking shower for empty bottles–Mr. LL is notorious for doing leaving empty bottles in the shower)
  • Dust – it's been a long time since I've added anything here, and while I still don't reliably clean the bathroom every week, I need to add this to the line up because we definitely need it.