Lazy Baby: Scrubba-dub-dub

When my sweet Lazy Baby had her first bath, she seemed to genuinely enjoy the whole thing. She enjoyed her second bath, and her third, and etc. However, the last few bath times have been tragic.

Tears have been shed, screams have been screamed, days have been ruined – and all these go for me as well as Lazy Baby (and Mr. LL, too, sometimes). I don’t know what happened to make her switch off of baths like that! Ok, admittedly, Mr. LL and I should probably bath her more than once a week, but she doesn’t go anywhere and she never gets that dirty. We’ll give her a bath after a bad diaper blow-out, for sure, but we’re so busy that it’s hard to find time in the routine to give her one other than on the weekend. Especially since we are both too timid to solo this mission (though we both have during times of poop-emergencies).

I’m wondering if she is just too big for her little tub and so it’s cold and/or uncomfortable for her now. We have this tub, and up until about a week ago, she couldn’t sit up by herself for too long. Now she can go really long stretches sitting up, so maybe it’s time to graduate her out of the baby tub.

Last week, while I was taking a shower and enjoying my “me” time without having to worry about the baby’s needs, Mr. LL’s needs, or any of the pets’ needs – Mr. LL brings Lazy Baby into the bathroom and goes “maybe we should try to bath her with you in the shower?” I was a little put out by this because this is the time when I should be able to get a break from the demands of motherhood and be able to focus on self-care and also, do you know how terrifying it is to hold a wet baby? Add the fact that you are wet as well into that mix and it is down right traumatizing. But, I was a good sport, as all mom’s kind of have to be, and I took her in my arms and Mr. LL did all the soaping and rinsing while I just clung on to her with a death grip. She didn’t cry and we were able to have a clean baby without ruining everyone’s lives. However, I don’t want this to become a “thing” because I get about as many opportunities to take a “real” shower each week as we have to bath her, I need to have my 15 minutes to wash the funk off of me and to just recharge a bit. To feel human again and not like I’m constantly covered in the finest film of spit-up.

Any other moms out there have bathing tips?

With all that said, here are some of my favorite baby bathing products:

  1. This is a knee saver and after spending months without one, I am telling you know, YOU NEED THIS. (affiliate)
  2. This towel is so cute and I love how big it is.  (affiliate)
  3. We used a cup for a long time, but this pourer is super cute and is better at keeping the water out of her face.  (affiliate)
  4. I love the Aveeno baby products. They are gentle and feel great.  (affiliate)
  5. Lazy Baby is so cute in her shark robe (that's not her, pictured, FYI). She's just about outgrown it, so I need to find a new robe for her, any suggestions? (affiliate)