Clean dream


I personally think that if you create a space you love, you'll clean it more. I know that's true for our living room. We found furniture we love, decorated with art we love and it is definitely the room that gets the most attention when it comes to cleaning. With this theory in hand, I think if we were to redo our bathroom, maybe it too would become some place that gets more love. I mean, it's decent enough – like I wouldn't be embarrassed for guests to use the toilet when they come over. But if we had over night guests who wanted to take a shower, I'd be mortified. So, I put together a few things that I think would help make my bathroom a "dream" bathroom.


(1) My overall color scheme for what I'd put into my bathroom is very simple, black and white because our bathroom is mauve. Yes, mauve. So I love this designedly simply shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. (2-affiliate) This jewelry holder would look so cool in my bathroom and would probably get filled with change from my husband's pockets. (3) I think that if Mr. LL and I had nice robes (right now I have one robe that I don't really like to wear anymore), it would help us love the bathroom - not sure of the logic behind this connection, but I want a new robe. (4) Having a nice candle to take a bath to, or to just have for realistic reasons in the bathroom is a must have, and I am a fan of vanilla scents, like this Lavender Vanilla candle. (5) We really need a laundry bin of some sort in the bathroom and this one is stylish enough to keep out and in view if need be. (6) I love this bath mat and want it in my bathroom. Like now.