Meat Pies /// Lazy Cooking


Before we get to the post, a sad story: I took probably not beautiful pictures for this post, but then discovered that someone (I'm looking at you kitten Cake) has destroyed my card reader for my camera's memory card. So, sorry for the lack of photos. Anyway...

I never really heard of "meat pies" aside from things like chicken pot pie and shepherd's pie before I moved to New Orleans. Before I met my husband, really. But Mr. LL LOVES them. The meat pies I'm talking about are pastry folded over a meat filling. They can be beef, crawfish, whatever. I found a recipe online for some pulled pork meat pies, but didn't make it. Instead, I got inspired to make a stupid easy/lazy version and put some pork in crock pot with taco seasoning and let it cook all day while we were at work. Then, I shredded it, and took a can of refrigerated biscuits, rolled them out and spooned the mixture onto half of the dough, topped it with a little bit of shredded cheese (because cheese goes with everything). I folded over the dough, forked the edges and put them on a greased pan and cooked them according to the biscuit instructions. They came out amazing.

This time, I decided to do a roast filled meat pie...because that was the meat that was on sale at the grocery store. They were good but a little dry. However, we just took some of the "gravy" made by the roast in the crockpot and used it as a dipping sauce. That worked out really well.

I really like this recipe because it is the temperature of Hades right now in NOLA and I do NOT want to be dealing with a hot stove. You do have to have the oven on, but not for too long. And you get a delicious meal (oh and a TON of leftover meat because you can only put so much in the pies, so there's your meat to use during the week) in 10 minutes. You can put it with a salad or any other side and your done!

Meat Pies