DIY Mother's Day Gift: Surprise Box

This was a fun DIY gift idea I created for my moms one Mother's Day that I thought I'd share with you!



  • Gift card of your choice
  •  Small gift box
  • Large box
  • Helium filled balloons
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon/Bow
  1. Place your gift card in the little box.
  2. Wrap your big box, but DON’T WRAP IT SHUT THOUGH!
  3. Place your little box inside the big box. Then fill the box with balloons! I went to the Dollar Tree for mine.
  4. Close the box and tie it up with a ribbon!

Then you get to SURPRISE! them! My mom started fussing at me for getting them such a large gift and then burst out laughing when the balloons spilled out. Mr. LL and I even pretended we both had to carry it in and put it on the table because it sooo heavy.

I hope you enjoy this fun gift DIY! I want to do it for my nephew one year for his birthday.