Goal Getter /// February 2016



  • Plan a weekend to go see Mr. LL’s family in February (0%)
  • Hang out with my brother and sister-in-law
  • Clean the turtle and get his diet straight (10%)
  • Get Bigby a new harness (0%)

NOTES: Weekend plans are troublesome these days...at least when it comes to family it would appear. :/ Also, I decided to start putting some pet related goals here because Mr. LL and I do not have children, just our pet-babies (I would say fur babies but the turtle is furless, heh). But seriously, Paul Giamatti, the turtle, has the starting of what looks like shell rot. :( Friday, I spent a few hours researching turtle care, because for about a year we've just been winging it. Bigby found him in the parking lot of our old apartment complex, and Mr. LL wanted to keep him. So we have, and we've been trying to do right by him, but we didn't really know how to take care of a turtle it would seem. So we've discovered that we've totally been feeding him wrong (he needs less protein because his shell is starting to pyramid), he should probably have a bigger tank, but he's still small so he's ok for now, and we have not been giving him ANY calcium which turtles really need. I should talk to Lady Serpentine about turtle care.


  • Valentine's Day: Dinner and Games (0%)
  • Get Mr. LL's Valentine's Day gift put together! (100%)
  • D&D with friends (0%)

NOTES: Mr. LL's present is complete! I made a game for him to go along with our plans of having a game night and dinner. Here's hoping he loves it when he gets it tonight!

HEALTH (44%)

  • Meal plan every week (50%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (38%)

NOTES: We had a good week sticking to the meal plan!!


  • Keep track of spending (30%)
  • Pay off one credit card (100%)
  • Stay on budget (0%)
  • Do taxes (0%)

NOTES: I've been holding on to ALL our recipes, but I need to sit down and put in our financial planner. :/ But hey, I paid off one of the credit cards!!


  • Get back in control over our dishes (100%)
  • Stay on top of the dish situation (0%)
  • Clean out the books (100%)

NOTES: Our dishes are back under control. I mean, there is some sitting in the sink right now, but they are just from last night's dinner. And maybe one giant pot from two nights ago, but still, better than a full week's worth. Also, I have a corner of my front room filled with boxes of books that need to get out of my house! :D


  • Get posts ready for the month (60%)
  • Write some posts for LV Book Design (50%)
  • Photo day 
  • Work on more planner printables (0%)
  • Release new products for LV Book Design (15%)

NOTES: Yeah, I jinxed myself last week. My camera isn't usable at the moments, nothing serious, just my memory cards are full and I need to find time to back up and clean them off.