I'm back and so are my weekly goals

Hope you all had a great holiday...well, if you live in the U.S. and celebrated Thanksgiving. Our holiday was ok. Honestly, Thanksgiving isn't my fave holiday, but I'll take the paid time off. Thursday, Mr. LL and I ended up staying home and just relaxing because that's just the way things turned out. Friday was supposed to be Thanksgiving with my family, but Mr. LL had to work (he couldn't turn down the extra money when we need every penny), so I went by myself. My mom was supposed to go with her wife and mother-in-law, but they were both feeling sick. So she went solo as well. It was a small get together but we all had a good time.

Back to weekly goals. I totally used the holiday/time off as an excuse to slack off, but it's time to get back into the groove. I feel like my daily goals are about as much as I can handle right now, so I'm going to start adding a weekly task. Things that I can get done any day of the week but need to be done at least once a week.

So, to recap, my daily tasks are:

  • Make the bed EVERY DAY.
  • Put away the clean dishes in the morning.
  • Spend 10 minutes a day on dishes.
  • Do something laundry related every day.
  • 10 minute pick up before bed.

For my first weekly task:

  • Clean the bathroom

Starting soon, I'll be adding "big projects" to these lists. I need to start making room for the baby as well as get things ready for Christmas, which we are hosting my family for the first time EVER this year. These projects won't necessarily have a set timeline, but they are things I want to be mindful of and work into my schedule.