Meal Plan Mondays

I'm really trying to get my life in order these days. With the health issues I've been facing and that are still facing me, and life changes that are happening whether I'm prepared or not, I need to find some control in my life.

I'm trying to find control in our home, in our budget and in our diets. If I can get these three things back in my wheel house, then maybe I can start feeling better and less helpless.

To help with budget and diet, I really need to crack down on the meal planning (if you are looking for a free meal planning template, grab your's here!). Since the original goal of this blog was to use the internet to hold me accountable, I'm going to share my meal plans every week on Monday. I'll let you know how well we kept up with it the next week.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer. Both Mr. LL and I work full-time. My job has me getting home later than his job, and sometimes, much later. I also do freelance work whenever I can to earn extra money, and Mr. LL (who is a plumber) does side work whenever he can for the same reason. So we are busy people who are whooped when we get home. Some nights I'll be cooking, some nights he'll be cooking. So even though I pick the meals and do the grocery shopping, we share the cooking responsibilities. Ok, on to this week's meal plan.


Spaghetti with meat sauce


Crawfish etouffee




Chicken and potatoes (crockpot) 




Turkey sandwiches for Mr. Ll, peanut butter sandwiches for me  

apples, crackers, cereal bars