Goal Getter /// October 2016

I can't believe it's October already. Sometimes it feels like time just drags, but other times I look up and days/weeks/months/years have flown by. Before I get into this month's goals, let's see how I did with September's goals:


  1. Exercise every day. Yeah, no. This did not happen. It felt like as soon as I made this an actual goal, I started to feel too ill to exercise. Then life got in the way and this goal just went out the window.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Didn't really need to do this because I didn't go outside.
  3. Get back into meditating. This didn't happen, either.
  4. Start journaling again. FINALLY, something I actually did accomplish! I don't have an official journal yet, but I've been writing in a WordDoc till I get one.
  5. Start work on my Halloween costume. I've been looking for the right pieces and parts to this costume. I don't want to break the bank on something I'm probably never going to wear again and will only be wearing to my work's costume contest, so it's been a struggle to find affordable options of what I want.


  1. See about going to the dentist. So, I discovered a hole in one of my wisdom teeth. A BIG hole. I'm currently having some health issues that make going to the dentist something I'm not supposed to do for awhile, but I'm going to talk to my doctor to see if I can get this taken care of. :/

  2. Make Halloween costume. Pretty self-explanatory.

  3. Rework the blog. More on this tomorrow.

  4. Enjoy the season. I love fall and Halloween. Normally, I dedicate my blog to Halloween during this month. Instead, this year, I'm just going to enjoy it with Mr. LL by watching Halloween/Horror movies and playing spooky board games.