Goal Getter // September + October 2015

First, let's review how I did with my September goals; then, I'll set goals for October.



  • CAREER: 75% – I'm being a bit "hard" on myself with this one. I completed my original goals set for September in this category, but I didn't reach my added goals. I built the website for LV Book Design and launched it, as well as ordered business cards. But I still have work to do when it comes to promoting my business.
  • FINANCIAL: 30% – I really hate that my bank got rid of its coin machine. It is making it so much harder to get all of our change sorted to deposit. Not to mention that Bigby likes to eat the empty coin wrappers. :(
  • HEALTH: 100% – Weekends we eat out, but we don't eat a lot (like one meal a day and then food we have in the house if we get hungry again).
  • HOME: 100% – Even though I haven't gotten to decluttering my books, yet, I feel like just doing one big declutter session a month is a reasonable pace for me, so I'm giving myself this one.
  • BLOG: 99% – I still have a few September posts to write, but that's all. October's editorial calendar is filled and I had a successful photo day last week!



  • Design print ads for the paper I work at for LV Book Design (25%)
  • Design and print flyers for LV Book Design (0%)
  • Network at the Venture POP! conference (0%)
  • Hang flyers at local businesses (0%)

Notes: It's all about that hustle, baby.


  • Pay off my Credit Card (30%)
  • Deposit all the change in/around the house (0%)

Notes: Still keeping the credit card goal on here, slowly trying to chip away at it.


  • Eat out only 3 times a week MAX (0%)
  • Better our diets with healthier, home cooked meals (0%)

Notes: Now that we've been pretty good about cooking meals at home, it's time to really focus on making them even healthier with our choices in ingredients and recipes.

HOME:  0%

  • Declutter: books (0%)
  • Decorate for Halloween (0%)
  • Take "decluttered" clothes + books to a charity store (0%)

Notes: Those three bags of clothes I "decluttered" in September are still sitting in my office. :/

BLOG: 0%

  • Work on blog posts for October (0%)
  • Work on November planning (0%)
  • Go get supplies for the annual "Trick or Treat" series!!! (0%)
  • Photo day (0%)

Notes: Mr. LL agreed to do Trick or Treat on the new blog! I'm so excited!!