Goal Getter // September 2015

September 2015


  • Design/Build a website for side hustle (100%)
  • Design/Order print collateral for side hustle (100%)
  • Design print ads to go into the local alt weekly (25%)
  • Make flyers (0%)
  • Post flyers in local coffee shops, etc. (0%)

Notes: LV Book Design is live! I announced my side hustle on the blog last week! Now I gotta promote the heck out of it!


  • Pay off my Credit Card (30%)
  • Deposit all the change in/around the house (30%)

Notes: I was all set to deposit a lot of money in the bank yesterday, but Bigby got real sick so Mr. LL and I stayed home till he started feeling better. That meant we missed going to our bank during its Saturday hours. :(


  • Eat out only 3 times a week MAX (75%)

Notes: Ugh, I've taken off the smoking task because Mr. LL and I are failing at it, hard.

HOME:  50%

  • Declutter: clothes (100%)
  • Declutter: books (0%)

Notes: You can read about decluttering my closet here! I still need to go through the books. :(

BLOG: 25%

  • Work on blog posts for September (65%)
  • Work on October planning (10%)
  • Photo day (0%)

Notes:  LV Book Design took over my time this month, what else can I say.