Goal Getter // July 2015

Goal Getter is late this week due to some technical issues I had to deal with over the weekend. Today's post is being pushed back to later today so I can get this post out.

JULY 2015

CAREER: 10% Complete

  • Design a media sheet for Allen the Alligator (10%)

Notes: This month, I don’t have a lot of career goals…yet, anyway.


  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • Record blog expenses/incomes for the month of June (0%)
  • Make a budget (50%)
  • Stick to the budget for a whole month (0%)
    Week 1 (0%)
    Week 2 (0%)
    Week 3 (0%)
    Week 4 (0%)

Notes: Finances are the worst. I have a rough budget that I started on last month. I just need to fine tune it.


  • Eat out only 3 times a week MAX (0%)
  • Work out 3 times a week (0%)

Notes: Trying to save money and calories by making all our meals at home. Ideally, I would like for us to have no more than two meals a week, but I’m giving an extra one for “just in case” situations. 

HOME:  00%

  • Get a laminate floor cleaning kit (0%)
  • Super-clean the floors (0%)

Notes: Trying to not spend a ton on the home front this month. However, I really want/need to give the floors a good scrubbing.

BLOG: 27%

  • Work on blog posts for July (19%)
    For Lazy Lady (13%)
    For Part Time Monster (25%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on August planning (93.5%)
    Lazy Lady (87%)
    Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Teach myself about podcasting (0%)
  • Finish the 30 Day SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers & Badass Creatives by Miss Malaprop (23%)

Notes:  I’m really digging Miss Malaprop’s boot camp! I’ve already redone my About and Contact pages. Can’t wait to get to more tasks!