Goal Getter // May 2015

Welcome to the new day for the Goal Getter series! I'll be posting here once a week, updating you on my progress to not be a lazy lady ;).

This month is going to be a tad crazy. I'm trying to not freak out.


CAREER: 58% Complete

  • Finish character designs for W.B. McGhee (25%)
  • Book release (33%)
    Get hair cut (0%)
    Email photo and bio (100%)
    Mail out books (not really related, but I need to do it) (0%)

Notes: The children's book I illustrated is being officially release this month. I need to get myself together for the big event!


  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • Record blog expenses/incomes for the month of April (15%)

Notes: I feel like I'm forgetting something...

 HEALTH: 25%

  • Eat healthier and record my diet (25%)
  • Work out at least once a week (25%)

Notes: I know "once a week" sounds like a joke, but we are getting ready to move to a new apartment, so I'm super busy these days. However, I want to push myself to do at least one work out a week and I feel that is a manageable goal right now.

HOME: 0%

  • Start packing (0%)
  • Deal with our utilities for the move (0%)
  • Get the new place fixed up (0%)
    Paint (0%)
    New Floors (0%)
    Fix the fence (0%)
    Make sure Bigby won't be able to get under the house from the yard (0%)
  • Clean both old & new apartments (0%)

Notes: The HOME category is my main focus this month. Ugh, I am having stress dreams about the move.

BLOG: 12%

  • Work on blog posts for May (40%)
    For Lazy Lady (30%)
    For Part Time Monster (50%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on June planning (0%)
    Lazy Lady (0%)
    Part Time Monster (0%)
  • Teach myself about podcasting (20%)
  • Get a new headset (0%)

Notes: So. Much. Work.