Instagram accounts you should be #following


I'm pretty new to Instagram, because I didn't see the point of having it when I had a "not-so-smart" phone. But over X-mas, Mr. LL got me an iPhone, so now I'm addicted. I thought for today's #FollowFriday, I'd mix things up and share my favorite Instagram accounts.

Skellie @omgliterallydead is my favorite Instagram account. Boney hands down. I love to imagine the person who runs this account taking this skeleton with them every where they go. Go check it out and follow for amazing things to come into your feed.

If you are on the internet and you read comic books, you've gotta know my friend @PatLoika. His Instagram is full of comic book goodness and cats...of which he owns none, apparently. But Pat is the greatest guy and he deserves all the love, so follow his feed and give him some!

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Good Mythical Morning, hosted by Rhett and Link. Their Instagram account is just as entertaining with things like Mini Horse Mondays and Waffles Wednesday. I recommend you first go check out their YouTube videos and then, if you become a Mythical Beast, head over and follow their Instagram.

I probably talk about Mallory from Miss Malaprop too much on this blog, but she is seriously my blogging hero and an all around cool person. I love her Instagram posts and the amazing messages she shares via them. They are like inspiring mini-blog posts with great photography.

Mickey Alice Kwapis' Instagram is full of cool photos and taxidermy. If you aren't a fan of dead things, maybe skip this one. If you like the art of immortalizing creatures, definitely check this one out. She'll be coming to New Orleans soon, and I really want to sign up for her taxidermy class.

And you can always check out my Instagram: @lazyladylife