Goal Getter // March 2015 (p1)


CAREER: 12.5% Complete

  • Try different social media platforms for drawing "requests" (25%)
  • Draw four "for fun" illustrations (0%)

Notes: Trying again!


  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • File our taxes (100%)

Notes: I did our taxes at the start of the month! Yay!


  • Get more physical (0%)
  • Figure out how many cigarettes I'm smoking a day (0%)
  • Cut out one cigarette a day (0%)

Notes: Mr. LL and I would like to one day (and not any day soon, mind you) have a family. I really need to quit smoking in order for that to ever be a reality. Plus, it is a nasty habit.

HOME: ~31%

  • Keep the apartment looking "tidy" (25%)
  • Purge the closet and bedroom (100%)
  • Deep clean the bathroom (0%)
    Mop the floor (0%)
    Clean the mirrors (0%)
    Replace the light bulbs (0%)
    Scrub the sink, tub and toilet (0%)
  • Shred my shred pile (0%)

Notes: Mr. LL and I went on a crazy cleaning/purging spree a couple of weekends ago, and I want to keep the momentum going.

BLOG: 19%

  • Work on blog posts for March (50%)
    For Lazy Lady (50%)
    For Part Time Monster (50%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on April planning (7.5%)
    Lazy Lady (5%)
    Part Time Monster (10%)