OAMG: Tsuro


I first saw this game on Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop YouTube series. They played it with some other quick games, and Mr. LL and I felt like we really wanted to play this one. I’ve been looking for it ever since (and that episode came out 2 years ago). Finally, when Mr. LL took me tabletop shopping for my birthday, we found it.


THEME: Asian

PUBLISHER: Calliope Games

DESIGNER(S): Tom McMurchie

COST: $29.99


“Create your own journey with Tsuro…the Game of the Path.” You and the other players are dragons, flying the skies. Each turn you will lay a tile that will lengthen your path, but be careful! If you fly off the board or into another player, you are out of the game.


This game is very easy to learn and to play, and the only trouble we ever had was remembering to draw tiles at the end of our turns. I have played this game with just 2 players (Mr. LL and I) as well as with a group of 7 and a group of 5. It works any way you play it. If you are looking for a good two player game, however, I will say that it can take a long time. Mr. LL and I ended up playing two dragons each, just to keep it interesting.


I love this game. It is quick, easy to layout and pick up, and really fun. It has great replay value, because the paths will always be somewhat random as the depend on the tiles you draw and what your opponent(s) lay down. The art is beautiful and the components of this game are well designed. I only wish the “stone” pieces that represent you/your dragon were heavier or felt more like stone as opposed to plastic. But that is very minor.

I highly recommend this game to all level of tabletop players!


I’m so excited to have Once A Month Gamer on Lazy Lady! I have big plans for this monthly series, so be sure to come back in April to check out a new game!

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