Design Blogs for Graphic Designers



#FollowFriday // I have been making my bread and butter as a graphic designer for almost a decade and I still love to read design blogs that inspire me as well as teach me new tricks. Here is a shortened version of some of the design blogs I read. If you are a graphic designer or are interested in graphic design, you should totally check them out.

Bittbox was probably the first design blog I ever read and I still follow it to this day. I mainly keep it around because the amazing freebies, but it used to have some good tutorials as well. However, I don't know a single graphic designer that doesn't love free textures and/or Photoshop brushes. Plus, I've actually purchased/used some of the products this blog has recommended and have never been let down once.

Blog.Spoon.Graphics is one of my all time favorite design blogs. It has it all. Freebies. Tutorials. Product review/recommendations. Plus, Chris Spooner has a paid subscription service for a TON more useful graphic files that any designer would love to have to make life easier. I haven't paid for it yet, but I think about it every time he offers one of his new bundles.

Go Live is a design firm that develops websites and their blog is amazing. I'm actually pretty new to this blog and I'm still working my way through it, but I love the design aesthetic and their breakdown of design builds. Plus, they have some really handy advice for webpages.

I Love Typography is a blog whose name says it all. I've yet to find a fellow graphic designer who doesn't at least strongly appreciate beautiful/strong type design. It is the basis of all design, without good typography you cannot have good design. Period.

Speaking of good design, Good Design Makes Me Happy is my new favorite design inspiration. It is collections of branding, marketing, product, you name it design and all of it is "good."

I hope you found this list helpful. If you are interested in more design blog recommendations, let me know in the comments.