Goal Getter//February 2015


CAREER: 62.5% Complete

  • Draw something new every week (25%)
  • Kickstarter fulfillments (100%)

Notes: I'm going to set-up weekly drawing prompts and give myself 15 minutes to draw. Just drawing on my own isn't working.


  • Come up with 5 ideas to earn extra income (20%)
  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • File our taxes (33%)

Notes: I have almost everything ready to file our taxes. I'm really hoping other financial goals work out this month, too.


  • Drink more H2O (15%)
  • Take care of my mental well-being (33%)

Notes: My mind has been in a dark place this month. I need to figure out where this depression is rooted and work on being happy again.

HOME: 0%

  • Declutter the kitchen (0%)
  • Stick to my new weekly/daily cleaning schedule (0%)

Notes: Ugh.

BLOG: 30.5%

  • Work on blog posts for February (66.5%)
    For Lazy Lady (33%)
    For Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on March planning (25%)
    Lazy Lady (50%)
    Part Time Monster (0%)

Notes: I'm going to be changing things up over at Part Time Monster, and I need to talk to Diana to figure out what March's post is going to be.