Goal Getter//February 2015 [p2]


CAREER: 62.5% Complete

  • Draw something new every week (25%)
  • Kickstarter fulfillments (100%)

Notes: I tried reaching out to my Twitter followers for ideas, but I only drew one of the two I got. I'm not giving up though!


  • Come up with 5 ideas to earn extra income (100%)
  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • File our taxes (33%)

Notes: I REALLY NEED TO FILE TAXES. However, I monetized my blog with several different companies, so hopefully that will help us out a little.

HEALTH: ~75.5%

  • Drink more H2O (75%)
  • Take care of my mental well-being (95%)

Notes: I'm kinda being generous with both of these goals. I am definitely drinking more water, but I could do better. As for my mental well being, I just sort of snapped out of my funk. For the most part. I'm not depressed anymore, but something definitely is still off a little.

HOME: 12.5%

  • Declutter the kitchen (25%)
  • Stick to my new weekly/daily cleaning schedule (0%)

Notes: That 25% for the kitchen goes to Mr.LL. He cleaned the whole kitchen and reorganized the counter space.

BLOG: 58.3%

  • Work on blog posts for February (99.95%)
    For Lazy Lady (99.9%)
    For Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on March planning (75%)
    Lazy Lady (100%)
    Part Time Monster (50%)

Notes: I talked with Diana about the changes to my contribution to her blog, I reworked my March schedule to make way for the changes I want to make here. I didn't really "need" a photo day this past month, but I need to be looking ahead always.